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Update 21 February 2023

We just donated €450 to the local wild animal sanctuary “De Zonnegloed”. We were able to send them this first donation, a part of the proceeds we make on some projects. Did you read the adventure of Kanu in the children’s book “Het mysterie van de verloren CD”?! Still available in our webstore!

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New releases: pre-order update #2

We’ve announced our cooperation with NOWHERES and LAST before. The LAST CD was released a few months ago, now the LP is also up for presale. CONCRETE CELL are Genet records OGs. They haven’t been around as a band for more than 20 years. Now they are back, planning to play live again ànd releasing their third full-length album. 

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New releases: pre-order update #1

We’d like to welcome FÖRBITTRING (BE) and VVORSE (FI) to the Genet family. These two extremely talented bands will surely impress many ears out there. The fab CIRCLE (BE) haven’t been around as a band for a while, but we’d like to honour them with a vinyl release of the 5-song CD Genet did for them ages ago.

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Welcome to the brand-new Genet website!! It must have been about 15 years since we last had an official website, damn!! We’re very happy with the result so far. A website is never finished obviously. We have huge amounts of content we want to add. Thanks to Chloë for taking the lead here.

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We made this children's book as part of our 30th anniversary campaign.

All profits go to "De Zonnegloed" a Belgian animal sanctuary.

Join genet cat Kanu on his adventure to retrieve the lost Genet CD! Throughout the story will be all kinds of cool Genet Records history easter eggs!



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