GRAY STATE was formed back in 2015, when four of them decided to form a new band out of the ashes of their old garage-project.

The goal was to share their love for punk, metal and hardcore into their own music. After a few smaller releases searching for their own sound, they started to write more metal/H8000 inspired songs.

As a band, they focus on making the nastiest riffs with influences that go all the way from C
RADLE OF FILTH to ARKANGEL and alike. After releasing their debut longplay "Our Final Regret" in 2018 and touring all over Europe from the legendary Ieperfest to Moscow, they have been working hard on the new material that has taken the band's songwriting to a whole new level. 

The songs on the new album needed a lot of time to take their form, the oldest songs dating all the way to 2017. They recorded the album by ourselves at their rehearsal space again and again, until everybody was happy with the results.

Their guitar player Samuli learnt how to record via YouTube and just took the whole game to a new level. It took literal blood, sweat and tears but the results are absolutely worth it.

Live at Ieperfest 2023 where they played not one but two (!!!) sets, picture by Grain Is Power