Welcome to the brand-new Genet website!! It must have been about 15 years since we last had an official website, damn!! We’re very happy with the result so far. A website is never finished obviously. We have huge amounts of content we want to add. Thanks to Chloë for taking the lead here.

2x 15 makes 30 and that’s the anniversary Genet is celebrating this year. Can’t believe we have been going for so long … Some years were extremely busy, always with our Ieperfest involvement, sometimes we also released a few records by bands we liked and wanted to help out.


That’s for the past, on to the present. We’d like to welcome 3 new bands to the Genet roster: LAST, NOWHERES and ANTAGONIST A.D.


Gen 135 NOWHERES “Last Dance First” SS MLP w/screenprint

Swedish OGs with an amazing hardcore rager: in your face straight-ahead hardcore tunes


Gen 137 LAST "The Sinless Birth" LP/CD   

Ex-CHIMAERA, ex-ASHLAR boys with a brand-new project. Think metal 666!!


Gen 138 ANTAGONIST A.D. "Trough Fire All Things Are Renewed" LP/CD/tape   

The masters of New Zealand metalcore. Euro release in coop w/Sakari Empire.


Check the online store for availability and pre-orders.


That’s it for now. More news soooon!!