New releases: pre-order update #1

We’d like to welcome FÖRBITTRING (BE) and VVORSE (FI) to the Genet family. These two extremely talented bands will surely impress many ears out there. The fab CIRCLE (BE) haven’t been around as a band for a while, but we’d like to honour them with a vinyl release of the 5-song CD Genet did for them ages ago.


These items are available for pre-order now:


Gen 136 CIRCLE “The Day Elvis Shook His Ass” SS 12" w/screenprint

Gen 139 FÖRBITTRING s/t CD + Tape

Gen 141 VVORSE "Kurjien Elegia" LP


More news on the band and release pages. You can order through the Genet webshop. We have a bunch of releases planned, so your pre-order support is greatly appreciated. 


Up next: another pre-order update. Woow!