New releases: pre-order update #2

We’ve announced our cooperation with NOWHERES and LAST before. The LAST CD was released a few months ago, now the LP is also up for presale. CONCRETE CELL are Genet records OGs. They haven’t been around as a band for more than 20 years. Now they are back, planning to play live again ànd releasing their third full-length album. 


These items are available for pre-order now:


Gen 135 NOWHERES “Last Dance First” SS MLP w/screenprint + Tape

Gen 137 LAST “The Sinless Birth” LP

Gen 140 CONCRETE CELL “Brewsky, Hops And French Fries At The Weekend” CD


More news on the band and release pages. You can order through the Genet webshop. We have a bunch of releases planned, so your pre-order support is greatly appreciated. 


Up next: more vinyl pre-orders. Thanks for your support!!